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Barry Libman Inc. Offers Two New Online Home Health Care Medical Coding Courses

Monday, October 1st, 2012

– Fundamentals of Home Health Coding and Understanding Case Mix and Coding for Home Health are two new courses in the Barry Libman Inc./JLU Health Record Systems collaboration to provide high quality/low cost medical coder training. The online, self-paced course specifically prepares staff for coding in the home health arena.

In Fundamentals of Home Health Coding, staff unfamiliar with, or new to coding, learn basic coding skills. The course provides an overview of how to employ ICD-9-CM Coding Guidelines correctly, and covers how coding impacts agency payment.  In addition, students learn about such important topics as ICD-9 coding steps, coding conventions, coding diagnostic areas, and more.

Understanding Case Mix and Coding for Home Health, designed for inexperienced coders and clinicians who need to learn more about coding, this course provides home health medical coders with the basic understanding of case mix and the Medicare Prospective Payment System (PPS).  The course covers such important topics as case mix diagnostic categories, diagnosis/codes, and OASIS M questions.

“These courses are foundational to organizations that offer home health services, as it teaches the basics of home health diagnostic coding,” said Barry Libman, President.  “And at the same time, it offers all of the flexibility and hands-on learning benefits of online instruction.”

“Because the course is online, organizations can minimize their costs while maximizing their learning,” said Joan Usher, President JLU Health Record Systems.  “Plus the course is available whenever new staff are hired.  There is no need to wait for a scheduled program. The course is designed to be available whenever it is needed and works around the student’s schedule.”

These courses offers organizations several benefits, including increased coder knowledge base and staff morale; improved staff efficiency; increased revenues and cash flow; and decreased audits and penalties.

Those who take theses courses receive three JLU certification credits.

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