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The End of the ICD-9 based CCS Exam

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012


The End of the ICD-9-based CCS Exam that is!
Now is the Time to Prepare your Medical Coding Staff

If you head a healthcare organization, mark this date on your calendar:  March 2014

What’s so important about this date?
March 2014 is when the current ICD-9-based CCS credentialing exams are slated to end.  After March 2014, the credentialing exams will be based on ICD-10.

Immediate action is necessary! Waiting to take the CCS will mean learning both ICD-10 and preparing for the CCS Exam at the same time.  Either one of which is difficult and time consuming -- Doing both at the same time will allow little time for getting any work done!

What does this mean for my department?
If you want your coders to earn their CCS credential demonstrating mastery-level skills in coding, they have a limited time to study and pass the certification using the ICD-9 coding system.

The CCS credential tests for mastery-level coding skills.  The sooner your medical coding staff is trained and credentialed, the better. The process of preparing for the CCS is an opportunity in itself for coders to improve their skills. With such improvements come more efficiency and accuracy.

Where can I go to get CCS Exam Preparation for my team or myself now?
Organizations interested in enrolling their medical coding staff in a reputable and thorough CCS exam preparation program can apply today for Barry Libman Inc.’s intensive 13-week virtual course. Being online, this popular course offers the flexibility of anywhere internet access, while simultaneously providing the same personalized attention and real-time instruction of onsite courses.

Barry Libman Inc. also offers a hybrid (onsite/online) version of the course.

For more information, visit https://libmaneducation.com/product/certified-coding-specialist-ccs-exam-prep-hospital-coders/




About Barry Libman Inc.

Barry Libman Inc. provides medical record coding, audit, and educational services to the Health Information Management departments of healthcare institutions.   Barry Libman Inc. offers the right-mix of online and classroom education to ensure that the HIM professional is prepared to handle changes in the medical record coding systems and the transition to ICD-10-CM/PCS.